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The Accidental Princess Culture of Anti-Princessery


Does the world need another article about Princess Culture? Yes, it does. Because sometimes I think we forget why we are anti-Princess Culture — or maybe it’s just not the same for all of us. For some, it’s probably the fact that endless pink glittery shit is annoying. It reinforces terrible ideas of what a… Read More »

Mom Bashing in the Media, Stalking Kids at Camp, and Cookie Monster Sings Call Me Maybe


What the cool parents are reading today: 1. Want your car to smell like the happiest place on earth? Now it can, thanks to Disneyland’s new scented air fresheners. Scents include Mickey Mouse ice cream bar, candy apple, turkey leg and Mickey Mouse waffle. Fresh! Although .. turkey leg? 2. Four  mom engineers revolutionized the Chevy Malibu to make… Read More »

Sidewalk Chalk Delinquents, Smart Car Seats and Disney’s Major App Launch


What the cool parents are reading about today: 1. One neighborhood in Colorado is putting the clampdown on sidewalk chalk after one too many street murals have led to public offense. Graffiti can be a dicey issue … but sidewalk chalk? Wait it out till the next rainfall, we say. 2. A new smart car seat comes with a built-in… Read More »

A Special Mother’s Day Message from Disney Pixar’s Brave


Finally, a Disney princess with a mom! Have you noticed the absence of moms in Disney movies? The heroines, with the exception of Sleeping Beauty, either have a wicked stepmother, or their dad just hasn’t found a new wife. But Princess Merida from Brave seems to have a very present and loving mother in Queen… Read More »

Disney Nature’s Chimpanzee


Chimpanzee follows an adorable baby chimp named Oscar Chimpanzee opens next week, but if you’re in Toronto, you can see it now as part of TIFF Kids. We’re sworn to secrecy until April 20, but we can tell you we’re sort of in love with little Oscar. There are a few scary parts, so use… Read More »

Getting it Right, Snow White


Meri Perra blogs about the challenges she and her partner face in trying to raise their girls with feminist values Our daughters are joyfully riding the wave of a well-meaning but definite over-abundance of Disney Princess gifts they got for Christmas. Part of the infestation includes a very big, very pink Disney Princess story book,… Read More »

News Round-Up Nov. 15: The NYT Kids Book Review, Bad Messages In Good Movies and Moms Craving Smartphones


What we’re reading today:   1. The New York Times parenting blog recommends the New York Times Children’s Book Review. This would be ridiculous except for the fact that we actually do have complete trust in the NYT Children’s Book Review, so a fair recommendation. 2. Disney acquired Babble. What will this mean?? We’re thinking… Read More »

Walt Disney Pictures Presents Sin City


Scariest Disney ever? Even more than The Legend of Sleepy Hollow? Some Youtube genius who goes by ChiefBrodyRules recut the Sin City trailer using all Disney characters. It’s pretty awesome. It’s been a while since we’ve watched Sin City, but let’s try to match up the characters: Mickey Rourke = The Beast (genius) Benicio Del… Read More »

News Round-Up Oct. 21: Trick-Or-Treating Without Parents, Dadpreneurs and a Disney Surprise Gone Wrong


What we’re reading today:   1. Is your unborn baby waging war on your uterus, or are you and the baby happily coexisting? 2. At what age do you let kids trick-or-treat on their own? 3. It’s happening; people are referring to themselves as dadpreneurs. 4. Anderson Cooper had pageant kids and moms on his… Read More »

Take a Roadtrip in a Toyota Sienna from Disney Junior


Win a new Toyota Sienna and take it for a ride Roadtrips! Forget about placing all your travel sized liquids in a clear ziplock bag and just throw whatever you might need into the back of the car. Pack a few sandwiches and an ipod full of tunes and you’re set to hit the open… Read More »

Watch & Win on Disney Junior


Are you watching? Do you like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? Or Stella and Sam? How about Handy Manny? And you must be watching Jake and the Never Land Pirates, right? When checking out these great Disney Junior shows, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a Toyota Sienna — a special Disney-fied Toyota Sienna that… Read More »

News Round-Up June 28: Violent Video Games, Camping With Babies and Where Are All the Family Doctors?


What we’re reading today: 1. Big fan of the outdoors? Here’s how to camp with your baby. 2. Getting even less sleep since that second, third or fourth baby came along? Here are some tips to get the whole family sleeping better. 3. Who’s in charge of monitoring the violent video games kids play, the… Read More »


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