Parental Leave: Daniel Murphy takes a measly three days off to bond with his new baby and support his wife, and baseball freaks the fuck out

Ball Player Takes Parental Leave — Radio Jocks Freak Out


It’s a kind of litmus test for the cultural shift that’s happening, as more and more dads insist on being hands-on during their children’s earliest days: New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy missed the season opener and took three whole days off when his first child was born last week. Cue the end of the… Read More »

Rad Dad Nick and daughter Elena

Pretty Rad For A Dad: Documentary + Hub For Fathers


In the all-encompassing stratosphere of parenting, it’s often a mom’s world. Now three Aussie dads are making other dads some wiggle room of their own. Pretty Rad for a Dad is a kickstarter campaign with the aim of making a documentary exploring the world of fatherhood in all its diversity. We’re talking single dads, gay dads, immigrant… Read More »

a happy child plays during a heat wave

Beat The Heat Wave: Part Deux


So, some of us have air conditioning and, as a result, we are sleeping well and showering only once a day. But for those of you living with this heat around the clock, you might find that your brain’s not working on the high-efficiency setting right now.

Dad Makes Sandwich Bag Art For 5 Years


Using only some sharpies and his imagination, David Laferriere has been making sandwich bag art on his kids’ lunches almost everyday since 2008, and posting them for everyone to enjoy on his flickr account. They’re awesome. 5 Years of Great Sandwich Bag Art Daphne Michael The Chew Creature 0528 Red Sharpie Creature Reminds of another great lunch bag artist… Read More »

A Slightly Ambivalent Christmas


By Brendan Murphy Recently, a friend on the Facebook was explaining the process of telling his kid that Santa wasn’t real. It was, like many things to do with parenting, quietly hilarious and heartbreaking, in large part because of what a clear and irreversible childhood milestone it was. Our son is 19 months old and… Read More »

The Beatles as Dads: some great pictures of the Fab Four as fab dads

8 Awesome Photos of the Beatles as Dads


The Fab Four were fab dads too. The Beatles are hands-down one of the coolest bands of all time (hence our ever-amazing Bunch Guide to The Beatles for Kids). But after coming across this adorable photo of Paul McCartney with his baby tucked sweetly into his shirt yesterday, we were reminded of what awesome parents they were, too.… Read More »

12 Awesome Vintage Dad Photos


Stylish dads across the decades, we salute you! Dad style never goes out of fashion, and to prove our point, we’ve rounded up these 12 amazing photos as photographic proof of awesome dads across the decades. From stripey shirts and aviators (above) to wool coats and bundled babies (below) these vintage dads all have one… Read More »

Jimmy Fallon’s New Sitcom “Guys With Kids” Promises Bro Banter, Favourite Child Stars and Real Life Laughs


What’s not to like about this dad-ass sitcom? Some people say dads are the new moms. We reckon engaged parents empower each other, but we do love us some loving dads — from breastfeeding papas to hipster kings who make Tinkerbell pancakes. So naturally, we were excited to hear that Jimmy Fallon produced a sitcom about the trials and tribulations… Read More »

The Dads Are Stressed Out, Hillary Clinton’s Anti-Bullying PSA and Having Kids Makes You Happy


What the cool parents are reading today: 1. Do you and your kid have complementary temperaments? A stubborn kid and a stubborn parents makes for a lot of clashes, but a stubborn kid with a super easy going parent isn’t necessarily any better. 2. Love and admiration for Hillary Clinton grows with an anti-bullying PSA… Read More »

The New Dad Image, Untouched Photos in Seventeen and Is There Really a Dad War?


What the cool parents are reading today: 1. Does What to Expect When You’re Expecting come off as an uber chick flick? Billboards are really highlighting the dad group in the movie, The Dudes, in order to make the dads seem like cool, fun, relatable people, you know, like how women feel about Sandra Bullock… Read More »

Postpartum Depression for Dads, Losing Baby Weight and Bohemian Rhapsody for Your Morning Commute


What the cool parents are reading today: 1. Turns out that new dads are just as likely to experience postpartum depression as moms. Unlike new moms though, it’s not the postpartum hormones messing everything up, it’s that “fathers are more susceptible to mental health problems as they take on a more active role in parenting,”… Read More »

Docs We’re Dying to See: The Other F-Word


We just generally love punk rock dads. We’ve been fortunate enough to come across a lot of good dads. The Good Men Project and GeekDad are just some of the sites featuring awesome fathers who write about their kids and families. And while good dads are good dads, we’ve got a bit of a soft… Read More »


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