HOMEMADE camp tees: a diy t-shirt reads "camp halfblood"

Homemade Camp Tees


Despite August being the month of Camp, many kids are still home and hanging out in the city, looking for fun things to do. Mother of six and designer, Gabrielle Blair’s website, Design Mom is a fantastic place devoted to fun DIY projects and ideas. The one that caught my attention was Bleached Out Tees (or camp tees… Read More »

Petit Vogue Has Everything You Need To Inject Maximum Swag Into Your Kids Closet


Bib bandanas, hoodie capes; what will they come up with next? Like our friends over at Tiny Sartorialist, Petit Vogue is powered by forward thinking people who want to spread some proper style-love to the kids. Petit Vogue is a kids’ style sharing community showcasing the latest in trends, international style scouts and designer news. While “Vogue”… Read More »

Kids With Swag: Innocent or Outrageous?


The mom behind Tiny Sartorialist weighs in on the debate surrounding her blog A recent article in Huffington Post revealed that kids’ fashion isn’t all fun and games. Photos of well-curated kids from the children’s fashion blog garnered a slew of passionate comments, ranging from outrage to avid support. The naysayers were disturbed that toddler fashion is even a topic of… Read More »

Glam New Year’s Getups for Boys and Girls


New Year’s Eve outfits for kids New Year’s Eve is the best time to dress up your kids in fancy-pants outfits, because how often do you get to do that sort of thing? Sure, there’s the occasional wedding or birthday party. But New Year’s Eve is a time when you can get away with tops… Read More »


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