No Time to Cook: Chicken Salad in Lettuce Wraps


Cookie mogul Eden Hertzog shares recipes she enjoys with her family What a weekend. I took about 20 photos of various put-together meals, but none of them really seemed worthy of a post, to be honest. The truth is – we’re not really cooking these days, are we? No, because all of a sudden it’s summer. It’s… Read More »

Getting Back to Nature With the Petites


Cynthia Kinnunen blogs about sharing stuff from your childhood with your kids Camping with the kids. It can be a little like ripping out your fingernails if you don’t come prepared. But if you give some thought to where you’re headed, who you’re going with and that you’ve packed most of the right things (including… Read More »

Thursday, August 4


This is the cure for the summertime blues! Today’s Postcard from Bunchland comes from bv. in Kingston, Ontario.

5 Movies That Celebrate Summer


Our Beachy, Summery Bunchbrary Welcome to summer! It’s June 21st and all we can think about is, “How fast can we get to the beach?” Days are long and it’s a perfect time to be out swimming, grilling hamburgers and riding our bikes to the ice cream parlour. Here are five movies that deal with… Read More »

Tuesday, January 25


Dad and kids skipping stones Today’s Postcard from Bunchland comes from Flickr pal Rob Jones in London. Do you have a Postcard from Bunchland? Send photos of family fun to or find us on Flickr

You’re Not Perfect and Your Sandcastles Shouldn’t Be Either


There are two schools of thought when it comes to sandcastle-building, that time-honoured beach pastime of molding wet sand into attractive shapes. The first, commonly held by those who enter the world’s sandcastle-building competitions, is that a castle must be a pristine work of architecture, the result of hours of detailed planning and an assortment of… Read More »

Fist Pump! Family Guide to the Jersey Shore


The Jersey Shore isn’t just for juiceheads Bunchlander Amanda recently took her family to the Jersey Shore, a spot she’s been vacationing at since her teens, and says it’s nothing like you probably think. If you’ve seen a episode of the hit TV “reality” series Jersey Shore, you’re probably imagining a tacky wasteland, home to spray-tanned “guidos” and… Read More »


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