Black History Month Tunes: Esperanza Spalding, “Black Gold”


Listen to the first single from Esperanza Spalding’s upcoming album Spalding’s new single featuring Algebra Blessett is pretty catchy and beautiful, but what really got us in this video was the intro; do school kids these days get enough African history? We imagine it’s better now that Black History Month is observed every February, but… Read More »

News Round-Up Jan. 13: Only Children, Fundamentalists Vs Girl Scouts and Kids’ TV and Toys With a Message


What we’re reading today:   1. There are some 20 million only children in the U.S., so why does there still seem to be some sort of stigma about an only child? 2. The Christian Right is getting upset with the Girl Scouts, first because they raise pesky little feminists, and then because they had… Read More »

News Round-Up Oct. 20: A Tattooed Barbie, Dear Prudence on Adoption and Toddlers Watching TV


What we’re reading today: 1. A new collector Barbie has pink hair and a sweet chest plate of a tattoo. Is this inappropriate for kids, or is it merely reflective of the women a young kid might come across? We can think of quite a few awesome moms and dads with a whole lot of… Read More »

how to remove barbie's lipstick

How To Remove Barbie’s Lipstick


From the same site that taught us how to give Barbies natural, curly hair, now they’ve figured out how to remove the doll’s lipstick. Nikki at Braids, Beads and Beyond (a site which, by the way, seems to know everything about caring for your kids’ afro-textured hair) wasn’t crazy about a doll’s harsh lipstick, so… Read More »

Natural Hair Barbie Doll


We came across this awesome tutorial on Black Girl with Long Hair For almost as long as there have been Barbies, there have been Barbie’s friends. You know, Midge, Kid Sister Skipper, Teresa, Christie, etc. But aside from changing their hair colour and flattening Skipper’s chest, the dolls all basically look the same. But if… Read More »

News Round-Up February 14


What we’re reading today: Radiohead announced that they’re releasing a new album… on Saturday. What!? We know. They announced it this morning and they’re releasing it at the end of the week. Do your kids know Radiohead? So, it’s Valentine’s Day. To celebrate, fourteen couples in Thailand are going for a world record kiss: 32+… Read More »

News Round-Up February 10


What we’re reading about today: Ryan at Pacing the Panic Room confesses that he hates the playground. But his daughter’s at the age when she needs to make some friends. GeekMom Kathy got a kick out of the “Barbie Blunders” she found over at the National Museum of Play. Did anyone (besides kitsch-loving gay men)… Read More »


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