Jon Hamm Gives Great Advice to Teen Girls


From now on, whenever we have a quandary, we’re going to ask Jon Hamm Tavi Gevinson’s site Rookie has a monthly feature called “Ask a Grown Man.” This month, answering the questions of teen girls is Mad Men star Jon Hamm. We think he does a fine job. Only date guys who want to make… Read More »

News Round-Up Jan. 20: Fatherly Advice from F. Scott Fitzgerald, Teddy Bear Skin Rugs and Fathermuckers


What we’re reading today: 1. A letter from literary icon F. Scott Fitzgerald to his then-11-year-old daughter Scottie is a mix of sweet and sad: Don’t worry about boys, worry about courage, but also don’t worry about disappoints, pleasures or satisfactions. 2. Teddy bear skin rugs made by artist agustina woodgate actually look super cool.… Read More »

News Round-Up Oct. 26: Life-Saving Toddlers, Mom-Envy and More Reasons to Eat Broccoli


What we’re reading today: 1. Teach your baby to use the phone! A 2-year-old in Houston called her grandmother when her mom collapsed, indirectly saving her life. 2. A new mom writes to Cary Tennis saying that she was always content with her lot before having a baby, but now that she and her husband… Read More »

Doc Ock: Master Villain? More Like Master Doofus


Gavin McInnes suggests Spider-Man’s Dr. Octopus should rebrand Hey Dr. Octopus, my son and I were just watching a cartoon of you. In this episode, you spent “months” masterminding a plan to steal a five million dollar ruby. Months? Five million dollars? Why the fuck does Kool Keith like you so much? You are an… Read More »

10 Tips For Moving With Kids


Stephanie Potter is moving. Because with three kids under three and another on the way, she’s not quite busy enough. My family is moving. Possibly four of the most terrifying words I can utter. We’re not moving far really; just to the other side of town. We’ll be taking over my parents’ old townhouse once… Read More »

Sharing the Holidays


Stephanie Potter explains how she sees the entire extended family, without over-extending herself. Here we are again the holiday season, the time for being together with family. However, having kids really changes the whole dynamic of the holidays. But how do you keep everyone happy? There’s the in-laws, the aunts and uncles, the great-grandparents, friends… Read More »


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