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Whatever happened to the Wakefield twins?

If you were a girl who came of age in the 80s, you will have fallen into one of two camps: you were either a Babysitters Club fan, or a Sweet Valley Twins fan. The series was started in 1983 by Francine Pascal and resulted in 181 books. The Sweet Valley Twins series introduced us to the glamorous 16-year-old Wakefield twins, Jessica and Elizabeth, who lived equally glamorous Sweet Valley, California. The were blond. They were popular. They. Were. COOL. Loyal readers followed the girls through junior high, highschool, and onto University. We loved to hate their horse-owning rich-girl snob frenemy Lila Fowler and we constantly wondered whether Elizabeth and Todd would ever actually hook up, like, for real. Maybe most of all, we longed to be a member of the Unicorn Club.

Well, Bunchlanders, it’s been 10 years since the girls graduated from university, and I’m sure you’ve been dying to know what has happened to the Wakefield twins and their gang of friends. Did the Droids make it big in the music industry? Are Liz and Enid still best friends? And whatever happened to the dastardly Bruce Patman?

Lucky for us, Pascal has just released Sweet Valley Confidential, which will *fingers crossed* update us on all the goings-on with the twins. If the early reviews are to be believed, this book is going to be quite shocking. Lots changes in ten years, apparently.  Hello, orgasm, anyone? The sisters are estranged?  Living in New York? WHAT?!

Although we’re intrigued, we’re not entirely convinced we want to read this.  We’re worried this book could sully our fond memories of the twins and their escapades.

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Photo via Macmillan

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