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14-year-old Zev is known as ‘fiddle oak’ on Flickr. He’s mastered the art of surrealist photography at a level beyond his years. The teenager from Natick, Massachusetts has taken the internet by storm with his ‘Little Folk‘ series, where he turns portraits with everyday objects into magical images.


Surrealist Photography - photos by Zev (c) 2013 fiddle oak


Zev says he’s been taking pictures since he was eight years old. He works with his 17-year-old sister, Nellie, and calls his camera Betsy.

No More

Here’s what Patricia Ramos of photography blog ExposureGuide had to say:

He is perhaps one of the youngest to display skills that could be mistaken to be from a more seasoned and adult lensman. His concepts also show a maturity and vision not usually associated with someone barely into his teens.



This Is Not A Fire Escape

Source: DeMilked + Exposure Guide

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