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Celebrate your kids’ birthday with lots of  POW!,  BANG!, and  ZONK!

Does your kid ever perform their own stunts, spells or wish they could fly? Birthdays are the one day when everyone gets to feel like as close to actual superhero status as possible. Transform your backyard into a sunny superhero factory for extraordinary fun and your kid and all their pals will be soaring with super birthday  joy.

Check out our ideas for an epically amazing superhero birthday party:

Choose an Identity

As soon as your guests enter the backyard, have them create their own, bespoke unique identity. Here are some easy crafts they can whip up to look the part.

Mask: Cut a stash of paper plates or felt into mask shapes, hole punch each side, and tie two pieces of string to each end. Here’s a handy template you can follow. Let heroes decorate their own with feathers, gems and glitter.

Wings: We found one sweet paper plate winds recipe for our backyard bug birthday party. Kids can decorate these by dropping paint on with an eye dropper, folding, and opening to reveal a cool design.

Wrist bands: Grab some coffee cup sleeves from your coffee shop (who wouldn’t want to make such a donation in the name of superhero-dom?) Have kids stick stickers, foam shapes, sequins and pipe cleaners around them. If you don’t feel like asking your barista a bunch of coffee sleeves,  try cutting paper cups to wrist-band size and decorate accordingly.

Capes: Hit the dollar store for some cheap shower curtains and cut them up to kid size (a standard curtain is 70 x 70 inches, so you’ll probably get 3 capes out of one curtain). Thread a ribbon through the holes where you stick the hoops to attach it to the shower rod and tie one on each kid.

Not into plastic? Hit up a thrift store for a pile of old sheets or end fabric, and have kids go crazy making fluttering fabric capes.

Grant Each Kid a Superpower

Complete each superhero personality with a unique strength. Get each kid to draw one out of a hat, including echolocation, fire breathing, x-ray vision, telapathy, invisibility, time manipulation, weather manipulation,  and animal morphing.

Then have them draw their superhero weakness, or “kryptonite.” Anger, like the hulk, temperature extremes, electro magnetic fields, losing a wristband, extreme sound waves, or pop music, for example.

Alternately, all super heroes could be totally invincible and have no weaknesses for a day.

Present the Challenges

Kryptonite Hot Potato: 

1. Gather up small rocks (not to heavy!) for each of the kids at the party. Cover with green foil or shiny green paper (available at most craft stores) to look like “kryptonite.”

2. Label each rock with one of the superhero weaknesses  distributed to the young heroes. Pass the rocks out to the kids making sure that no kid has their own weakness…. yet.

3. Have the heroes stand in a circle as you start your music. As the music plays, the Kryptonite rocks  are passed around as fast as possible. Stop the music randomly. Whoever has their Kryptonite when the music stops becomes powerless and is “out.” (With prizes given out for valiant efforts each time!)

Silly String “Spidey” Tag: Play tag and arm the person who is “it” with a can of silly string. The first person to get hit with the silly string becomes it. Everyone will likely end up in a gooey spiderman-esque web.

Capture Each Hero with a Photo-Op

You’ll want to immortalize each hero looking fly in their superhero garb. Try these fun photo-ops to stage for some mesmerizing mementos:

1. Draw a chalk cityscape on your driveway with chalk and take an aerial photo of the kids lying above it as if they’re flying

2. Hanging a blank “wanted” sign on the wall for kids to stand in front of

3. Cut out some thought / speech bubbles from white bristol board and have them fill in with their own message.

Print out a picture to give to each kid before they leave, or email one later. It’ll look like their own personal poster or trading card.

Inhale Some Power Snacks

Those heroes will need some mighty fuel after completing the day’s challenges. Nothing says CRACK BANG POW! like Pop Rocks. Supplement your cake with some Pop Rock encrusted DIY fireworks sundaes for a kicker of a sweet treat.

Another cool idea? Make a city-scape cake for your kid to save / scarf.

To make a regular cake look like an urban landscape, cut sandwich wafer cookies to different heights, decorate with icing windows and then stick them to the iced sides of the cake.

Each kid gets to take home their costume, poster picture, and new found superpower as their goodie bag. Epic!

Photos by methyl_livesdaveynin, anders ruff custom designsmommy peace via Flickr. 

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