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So you can properly outfit your superheroes

What’s the secret to a good superhero? Take a look carefully and you’ll see that any hero worth his or her salt has a pretty kickass costume. (Plus some sort of superhuman ability/ridiculous gadgets) Now, we all know that a cape and a mask are pretty key parts of a superhero costume, but what about the cuffs and gloves? Where does Spidey keep his webbing? How does Buzz Lightyear contact Star Command? And don’t even get us started on Wonder Woman’s bracelets.

So when we saw these superhero cuffs at No Time for Flash Cards, we knew this was a mom who knows what’s up.

Following the No Time for Flash Cards Model, you’ll need:

  • Empty toilet paper rolls
  • Foam sheets (Allison at No Time for Flash Cards used stickey-backed foam sheets, but you could always glue gun)
  • Scissors
  • Paint/crayons


  • Cut out some shape for buttons from the foam sheets
  • Cut a slit up the paper roll so your superhero can easily get cuffs on and off
  • Round the edges so as to prevent paper cuts
  • Have superhero affix buttons to the cuff
  • When glue is dry, or when buttons are attached, have superhero paint the cuff
  • Have superhero put on cuffs then go off and save the world

If you’re looking for a little variation, these cuffs from The Crafty Crow are also awesome.

Top photo by WBUR via Flickr, other photos via No Time for Flashcards

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