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Sarah Harmer and many citizens in Ontario and Quebec aren’t pleased with Enbridge’s controversial Line 9 proposal, which would reverse the flow of a pipeline running  from Sarnia to Montreal — and ship crude oil and bitumen from the tar sands. This in an aging pipeline, which was never built to carry this abrasive blend of tar sands oil and bitumen.

So Harmer has teamed up with Environmental Defence for Rock The Line, a free concert at Mel Lastman Square this Sunday — along with Gord DownieThe SadiesHayden and the Minotaurs to help bring attention to the issue. The location was chosen for its proximity to the pipeline itself: it travels right through the Rouge River and Finch corridor in the north end of our city, crossing several water intakes for the entire GTA and many communities along Lake Ontario.


Rock the Line – a free family-friendly concert

A free concert to raise awareness about the risks of the Enbridge Line 9 tar sands pipeline plan.
With performances by:
Sarah Harmer * Gord Downie and The Sadies * Hayden * Minotaurs
Special introduction by: Elder Garry Sault of the Mississaugas of New Credit

RSVP here to enter to win a chance to meet Sarah Harmer!

Free childrens activities provided by TREC  |  Tasty eats for sale by Santo PecadoEarth & City and Localista  |  Rain or shine!
If it’s chilly — bring blankets to sit on. If it’s rainy — wear a raincoat



From Environmental Defence: Tar sands oil is more dangerous to ship through pipelines than normal oil. There is evidence that pipelines carrying tar sands oil spill more frequently than those carrying regular oil. Get Informed at the Toronto’s Line 9 site and Environmental Defence’s Line 9 information page. 
Line 9 is an aging oil pipeline owned by Enbridge Inc. that runs through some of the most densely populated parts of Canada. The 38-year-old pipeline now carries conventional oil across Ontario and Quebec. Enbridge wants to use the line to ship heavy crude, which includes ultra-heavy tar sands oil. The pipeline was not built for this purpose.
Enbridge’s application to reverse Line 9 and change what goes through Line 9 is part of a larger plan to export tar sands oil east through Canada and the U.S. If the Line 9 project were approved, allowing oil to flow to Montreal, it is expected that a second pipeline will be reversed to carry the oil south to Portland, Maine for export. The proposal is currently before the National Energy Board, with hearings in early October and a decision is expected by the end of this year.
Enbridge’s Line 9 proposal carries many risks, but few rewards for communities along the pipeline’s route. The proposal puts the drinking water of millions at risk of an oil spill.
View a detailed map of the pipeline’s route here.
How you can helpTake Action here and tell Ontario to step in to protect its citizens from this risky proposal.
source: Sarah Harmer, Environmental Defence, Toronto Star
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