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Your Sunday Morning Plan

Unless you’re in one of the western states or provinces (or Newfoundland), it’s pretty darn hot. Almost too hot for anything, really. But we figure we can’t just spend the whole weekend stuck in the basement with a movie marathon, subsisting on popsicles. (We won’t judge you if this is your heatwave coping solution; it does sound enticing) Here’s our suggestion for keeping cool, but still having a company-worthy breakfast party.


This weekend, make like the Europeans and/or the people who run hotel chains and let everyone assemble their own plate of low-key no-cooking-required breakfast fare. That’s the beauty of the continental breakfast; no tiny dictators ordering you as to their specific pancake and syrup directions.

You’ll need:

  • Croissants and/or danishes (Make a run to your favourite bakery)
  • Bread and/or bagels
  • Peanut butter
  • Jam/jelly/marmalade
  • butter
  • cream cheese
  • Yogurt and/or cottage cheese
  • Fresh fruit

Yes, this breakfast might require some planning and you probably don’t have all the necessary pieces on hand and you’ll need to make a run to the grocery store, but it’s very simple to set up. Group like items together (all the bread-type things, all the spreads, etc) and have a stack of plates and napkins for everyone to help themselves. Put the bread/bagels nearest the toaster and maybe tell your 5-year-old she can’t only eat danish. Because continental breakfast seems pretty bread-heavy, make sure you have some protein available. (Peanut butter, yogurt, cheese) Brew the grownups some great coffee and have some tea on hand just in case. Kids drink milk or juice or maybe even tea. (Hey, we’re going European, kids drink adult beverages earlier there)


Drip, drip, drop is an easy way to cool off and it only requires two pieces of equipment: a cup and a bucket. You can play it with just your family, but it probably works best if you have at least five or six people playing. How to play? It’s duck, duck, goose, but with water.

  1. Fill a bucket with water
  2. Everyone sits (in bathing suits or clothes that are less than your best) in a circle outside.
  3. Whoever is “it” fills the cup with water and walks around the circle.
  4. Each person they pass, they flick a little drop of water on that person’s head. They say “drip” as they do this.
  5. After x amount of drips, the person who’s it dumps the cup over someone’s head and says “drop!”
  6. Then it-person runs around the circle, person who is now soaked jumps up and runs in the opposite direction, trying to beat it-person back to the empty space in the circle.
  7. Repeat until everyone’s cool and has had a chance to dump a cup of water on someone else’s head.

Photo by sneakysdream and goldberg via Flickr

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