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In 2013, Chris Hadfield made the Canadian Space Agency cool all over again. In 2014, story time is blasting off to a whole new, out-of-this-world level!

Story Time From Space is a reading series brought to you by the astronauts on the International Space Station. For the next while, during their free time astronauts will tape themselves reading books.

The videos will be shown in classrooms here on Earth — complete with the view of our planet from outer space in the background. Participating astronauts include Canadian Bjarni Tryggvason, who will also be taping experiments for kids to watch along with the readings.

And here’s the best part: the astronauts are going to be reading real books from the Max Science Adventure series — actual books, not digital ones, which were launched into space on Jan. 8 aboard an unmanned spacecraft.

Did you get that? The books were launched into space on Wednesday!

The Max Science Adventure series by astronomer and writer Jeffrey Bennett are scientifically accurate stories about a dog, Max, and his travels in space. The books have illustrations which are big enough to keep the interest of younger children while having side bars with extra science facts for older kids.

Which means we just can’t wait until the readings hit YouTube. With Hadfield back on Earth, around here we have been jonesing for a new space fix.

In the meantime, watch Alvin Drew, an astronaut who helped organize Story Time From Space, read Max Goes to the Moon during the final mission of the Space Shuttle Discovery:

 source: Space.com

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