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Is there a Dad at your house with a beard? Is the beard a source of amusement to your kids?


This Minnesota photojournalist knows how to make magic with a beard, a comb, some random vegetables and the stop-motion app on his iPhone. The measure of success? This stop motion beard video made Garvin’s seven-year-old son wet himself laughing:

(Note for the music nerds: the song you hear is a ragtime classic called ‘The Smiler,’ composed by Percy Wenrich and performed here by the Zonophone Concert Band. There’s a great compilation of ragtime music (kids LOVE ragtime) featuring that song and 9 others — order it here)

2. Want More Beard Fun? 

Garvin’s video reminded me on another charming beard narrative. The current fave at our house is David Schiller’s fabulous (and insta-classic) 1998 book The Runaway Beard, illustrated by Marc Rosenthal.

The time has come to shave off Dad’s beard, but the beard of course has other ideas. The comic book-style illustrations by Marc Rosenthal have tons of fun hidden detail. It’s the the beard book that keeps on giving. And did I mention it’s ‘interactive’?

The original edition of the book came with a beard that your child can wear while you read the story. *

The opening pages of David Schiller and Marc Rosenthal's picture book The Runaway Beard (1998) photo by Helen Spitzer

3. Beard-related Trivia

The French version of this David Schiller book is not a direct translation: it’s called ‘Barbe à Papa’ which is also what French people call cotton candy and the inspiration for … THIS GUY.

Mind blown?

* If you’re looking to own a copy of Runaway Beard book do not start with eBay — copies there are upwards of $200. Instead go to the Abe Books site (scroll down) where there are a number of copies reasonably priced between $18-33. And if the original beard is missing, see this instructable on how to make a beard that’s almost identical to the original — all you need is fun fur and a length of matching elastic.

stop motion beard magic and our senior editor wearing the original beard from the 1998 children's lost classic 'The Runaway Beard'


Helen Spitzer is senior editor at Bunch and has never seen her dad without his beard. Which is pretty weird.

source: PetaPixel

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