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Creepy, crawly, fabulous

We’ll be straight with you, we kinda miss the Royal Wedding and all the fashion and accessories that go with it (dresses, dress swords, tea, scones), but mostly, we miss having a chance to talk about fascinators. Then, the geniuses at the Hairpin suggested making spider fascinators, an idea with which we were so down. Here goes.

You’ll need:

  • 2 Styrofoam balls or pom-poms, one being slightly smaller than the other. This is your spider body
  • Black paint, fabric, sparkles, or some other method of making your spider body black (or whatever colour you wish). We sacrificed a black reusable shopping tote because it’s what we had on hand
  • Googly eyes. For a less goofy spider, we think two red sequins would make good eyes.
  • Black (or whatever!) pipe cleaners. We used 4, with each spider leg taking a half a pipe cleaner. When we make another one, we’ll try using 6 pipe cleaners so all the outer legs are extra long
  • Sequins and/or glitter. For the glam factor.
  • Spider webbing. (Available everywhere this time of year)
  • Small paper plate (or cardstock)
  • Hair clip
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun

OK, we’re all settled in with our crafts and our glun gun’s all plugged in and warming up? Great! Let’s get started.

1. Cover your spider body parts in black fabric, or paint them, or cover them in white school glue and dredge through glitter, whatever.

2. Attach them together.

3. Take your fascinator base (paper dessert plate) and cover it in your black fabric. Next, take the scissors and make a snip halfway through the plate. (If you don’t have paper plates on hand, just trace a circle from card stock. Take one end of the snipped circle and glue it over top of the other side to create a cone. Glue it in place.

4. Make your spider. We halved each pipe cleaner and stuck it in the styrofoam body, glued on some eyes and made an hour glass shape out of red sequins to give our spider some Black Widow flare. Next time, we’ll give her longer front and back legs and smaller head to make her more Black Widow-tastic. A brown, fuzzy tarantula fascinator would also rule so hard.

5. Glue spider to the fascinator base, drape some spider webbing over the base and possibly the spider, and attached a hair clip.

6. Clip fascinator into your hair and take it for a walk.

Do you plan on making one of these now that we’ve shown you how super simple it is? Please show us your fascinators!

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