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So, how much “fun in the snow” was your commute this morning?

There are reports the roads are getting worse, and the CAA is saying to avoid driving all together (which of course, is not an option for many of us).

So if you had to get out there, there’s no cushioning it, it stunk. But here’s the cup half full: a gentle reminder and some ideas for fun in the snow, because at least the kids are happy.

 not so much fun in the snowPhoto: Liz West

Olivia, a  blogger at Outside Mom has some fabulous ideas for fun in the snow we loved so much we had to share – you can find more of Olivia’s ideas here.

1. Paint in the snow – take back the yuck of yellow snow by spray painting (white) snow with food colouring in spray bottles in as many non-yucky liquids and colours as you can come up with. Tips: be generous with the food colouring for more vibrant colours, and pat down the snow before spraying,

2. Scavenger hunt in the snow – hide stuff in your yard (or park, or playground) for the kidlets to find! Outside Mom recommends coloured ice cubes.

3. Freeze bubbles – Here’s some science 101 for you: bubbles will freeze on a cold day. Outside Mom recommends getting a plate with bubble juice, and blowing a half bubble. Leave the plate outside for half an hour, and if you’re careful you can re-spray the frozen bubble with coloured bubble juice and freeze again.

fun in the snowPhoto: Yan Song

Feeling extra ambitious?

Here’s a video on how to build an igloo:

How about some more inspiration?

Buzzfeed has a list of some of the most creative snowmen and sculptures they could find. Here are some of our favs, and you can see more  here:

Snow Army:

fun in the snowPhoto: emocutie

Bird Feeder: 


Photo:  Keep it. I resign. 

Little kids will love this (sigh):

ideas for fun in the snowPhoto:  amazingdata.com

Want to warm up inside after that commute from hell fun?

Check out detailed images of snow crystals, learn about snow flake shape classifications and or check out some creative hot chocolate recipes.

And, hey, at least it’s Friday, right?

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