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When you’re an active child, pants can suck

The boy wants to wear a dress; the dad doesn’t see a problem. In fact, to show his support, he dons one himself.

In the traditional village in South Germany they live in, the pair’s penchant for dress-wearing definitely raises some eyebrows. Some people have walked face-first into a street lights, they’re staring so hard.

Aside from the occasional streetlight collision, we see no harm in the double-style statement. Nils Pickert simply recognized his kid wanted to do this, and felt he had to support him. “I didn’t want to talk my son into wearing dresses and skirts,” Pickert said. “After a lot of contemplation I had only one option left: To broaden my shoulders for my little buddy and dress in a skirt myself.”

A solidarity effort of truly manly proportions.

We’re happy to end this post by noting that the little man is into painting his fingernails these days. We can only imagine that Pickert Senior will pick up a bottle or two himself.

If your son wanted to wear a skirt, how would you support him?

Photo by evilpeacock via Flickr. 

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