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What we’re reading today:


1. How do you feel about publisher-sponsored story-time in malls when libraries are in danger of so many cuts?

2. Two of our pals, HerBadMother Catherine Connors and PhDinParenting Annie Urban take opposite sides in the great formula advertising debate. Should formula ads be banned, or would banning them make women who have difficulty breastfeeding just feel shameful failures at motherhood?

3. Remember that study that found men’s testosterone levels dropped once they became fathers? Here’s what some dads said.

4. Hoping an anonymous donor will help you grow you very own Weasley? The world’s largest sperm bank is turning away redheads.

5. And who watched (or read the highlights of) the Emmys last night? Modern Family got a whole whack of awards, including best supporting roles for Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell. Let’s look at a classic Phil and Claire moment:

Photo by New Jersey Library Association, via Flickr

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