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An awesome new album that also supports girls in science

Yesterday, we informed you of the horribly misguided “Science: It’s a Girl Thing!” campaign that employs makeup and shoes to try to compel female interest in science. It basically knocked the wind right out of us, it was so sexist and dumb. Today, thankfully, we are happy to be breathing a lovely sigh of relief after checking out this A-for-Amazing compilation from Spare the Rock Records.

The album Science Fair features 18 tracks about science performed exclusively by women and girls — with acts like Mates of State, Babe the Blue Ox, Moona Luna and Laura Veirs.

Not only is each song about science and technology, but proceeds from the album will go to support girls’ programs in the sciences. Research has shown that girls are consistently given the message that women are not scientists, and often don’t complete the foundational education needed to become scientists later on in life.  Science Fair hopes to help change that.

Oh, and Science: It’s a Girl Thing? We hope you’re listening, because Mates of State have a little ditty on how to actually make science look cool to girls. It goes a little something like this:

Science Fair goes on sale on July 3, but you can get your name on the pre-order list over at Amazon now.


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