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How did you play with Hello Kitty  when you were a kid?

13 year old Lauren Rojas, a student at Cornerstone Christian School in Antioch, California, sent Hello Kitty flying into space on a ballon-rocket she built herself. Lauren equipped Hello Kitty with a camera to take amazing footage of the earth from above.

hello kitty


Lauren wanted to test the effects of altitude on air pressure and temperature. Her original plan, according to Patheos.com, was to record her results using flight gear she borrowed from High Altitude Science and video cameras from GoPro Hero2. According to CTV News, Lauren’s experiment was a success – the low pressure in space caused the ballon to expand to 53 times its size. It burst, causing Hello Kitty’s parachute to open and send her back to Earth.

Lauren says she got the idea after she watched footage of a weather balloon’s release on TV.  Lauren sent Hello Kitty up about 28.4 kilometres, which is further than the journey of a Lego figure sent up last year by Toronto high school students Asad Muhammad and Matthew Ho, who reached a height of 24 kilometres. Though – technically – the official space border is 100 kilometres above sea level  – both projects are still impressive.


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