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The most memorable political ad we’ve seen yet

A fiery Samuel L Jackson just graced YouTube with this provocative political ad, loaded with f-bombs and delivered nursery-rhyme style. The best part? Jackson’s co-star is one equally passionate kid.

Little Suzy, a precociously conscientious kid, can’t figure out why her family is so passive— “it’s like they don’t know Romney will remake the country in ways that are drastic.” When she reminds her parents about the upcoming election, they brush her off and turn their gaze back to the TV. Then Samuel L. Jackson steps on the scene to back her up. He “strongly suggests, (with booming voice and demanding saucer eyes,) that they wake the f*** up”.

He and Suzy proceed to go around the house imploring each member of the family to get their vote on for Obama. Jackson scolds her brother, yells at her sister through a megaphone and shows up in her grandparents bed during an intimate moment.

We love when a diligent kid stands up for what they believe in. We hope Suzy runs for Prez someday. In the meantime, make like this little lady and get your voice heard. Donate, canvas, phone—lest Samuel L Jackon materialize in your living room.

(Title of this video sounds familiar? It’s a riff on Jackson’s “Go the F*** to Sleep” video, in which he narrates Adam Mansbach’s edgy kid’s book. Mansbach also wrote the script for this video. Here it is, in case you missed it and can’t get enough Samuel L.)

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