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What the cool parents are reading today:

1. Aiden, Jayden, Brayden; Mia, Leah, Sophia; why do the popular baby names rhyme? And it’s not a recent phenomenon either; back in the 40s it was Marilyn, Evelyn and Carolyn and even further back to when Social Security first starting tracking these things in the 1880s, all the girls named ended in -ie.

2. So you know how maternity/paternity leave in the States is terrible? The National Partnership for Women and Families has made it official by giving 18 states an F grade. California and Connecticut are good places to have a baby since they each got As and Washington, Oregon, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Maine and Hawaii are all OK.

3. This is amazing. Do  you have a special needs kid who wants to ride a bike, but traditional training wheels aren’t quite enough for them to learn on? They have camps for that!! Lose the Training Wheels start with special adapted bikes that have a roller in place of a back wheel, and as kids gets more confident, they switch to a more tapered roller so the rider has to increasingly work on balance. Oh, and it’s not just for kids. Anyone with special needs who wants to learn to ride a bike.

4. And if you’re worried about your anxious kid, there’s now a storybook called Just Like You about what it is to be a kid with chronic anxiety.

5. A sneaky history teacher got students to reflect on the previous school year, while his colleagues dance-bombed them in the background:

Yesterday: Wes Anderson, Jessica Alba and my son looks like a girl.

Photo by Richard Masoner via Flickr

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