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Krista Rao blogs about crafty adventures with her kids

If your kids seem to respond best to the reward system like mine do, then you may find that keeping the rewards fresh, fun and exciting can be difficult. I think I may have found a solution to that problem: reward scratch tickets!

When someone in the house earns their allotted number of stars, they get to choose a lottery ticket from the jar. They then scratch the ticket to find out their reward. This system keeps the kids motivated and they seem to be more excited about scratching the ticket than the actual reward sometimes… BONUS!

Through extensive research (Pinterest) I have found a way to re-create the coating used for scratch tickets. Here is a very simple little tutorial that we put together:

You will need:

  • an image you wish to cover — printed on any type of paper
  • acrylic paint (easily found at the dollar store)
  • liquid dish soap
  • clear tape
  • paint brush
  • something to mix your paint in

1. Determine what image you would like to be revealed and cover that with clear tape. This will keep the solution from being absorbed into the paper and will also make it much easier scratch off.

2. Combine two parts paint with one part dish soap and mix thoroughly.

3. Paint a layer of the mixture over your taped image making sure to paint in one direction only. You may need two coats of the mixture in order to get the coverage you are looking for. If that is the case then I usually wait over night between coats.

4. When it is completely dry, you are ready to grab a coin and start scratching.

5.Watch the excitement ensue!!!!

The possibilities with this craft are endless. I would love to see some of your ideas.

Krista Rao is a stay-at-home-mom of two. When she and the kids aren’t on some sort of craft mission, she’s making children’s items from reclaimed materials. Check out more of Krista’s adventures at Green Thimble.

Photos via Krista Rao

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