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Code doesn’t need to be virtual to be cool — or useful.

Retired stats professor Paul Sloggett has decided to give back to the community in a unique way. He’s offering free classes to school kids, where he’ll teach kids code and different kinds of code throughout the ages.

As Sloggett told the Toronto Star: “Codes cover all sorts of parts of the curriculum: a little bit of statistics, which is math, as well as history and numerology and linguistics.”

Slogett says he’ll teach kids how to make the Caesar cipher, a device that dates back to the times of its namesake, and later students will send coded messages to each other — using code names, of course.

teach kids code


Check out the full article by Louise Brown of the Star — including fascinating tidbits like the way the back page of Marvel comics got Sloggett into puzzles and code-cracking. And could a professional code-cracker have a better name than ‘Sloggett?’ So great.

source:  Toronto Star

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