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Pile yourself and all your kids into a big bed and read a story together

kids reading a book together in bed

It’s World Book Night! It’s a night where we celebrate our love of reading, and hope to foster that same love in other people too. In some cities, people will be going out distributing paperbacks in hope that these books will find good homes and their new owners will seek out more and more reading material.

While we don’t expect you to canvas the neighbourhood passing around old copies of Catcher in the Rye, you and the kids could go through their old pictures books and see if there are any that the kids could spare. Consider donating a few to a local women’s shelter.

We’re also really into Flavorwire’s idea of celebrating World Book Night, which is to find a book to read out loud.

Any lively chapter books would work well for this (you don’t have to read the whole thing tonight), especially if the book includes characters with distinctive personalities and voices. Characters like say, Fezzik in the Princess Bride. You can skip the part in the book where it’s William Goldman talking about being in Hollywood and just start with his retelling of “S. Morgenstern’s” tale.

Other great read aloud options include:

If your little ones aren’t ready for a whole chapter or so at a time, we think some silly poetry like Shel Silverstein or Dennis Lee would be just the ticket.

What’s your family reading tonight?

Photo by woodlywonderworks via Flickr

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