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Welcome to Thursday! After more than two years (!!) of coming to you on Fridays, Queer as Moms is moving to Thursdays, so don’t go thinking it’s TGIF! (Probably no one but me is doing that – but there’s a public service announcement for you all.)

I’m sticking to the habit of summing up the top queer parenting news stories every other week. So in celebration of Valentine’s Day here’s the love edition of the queer parenting news round-up.     

1. The most awesome wedding save-the-date picture EVER- love

I couldn’t find where this comes from, other than according to a Facebook post, it’s a picture of five very happy children of a lesbian couple in Washington State, where they’ve recently legalized same sex marriage. Good luck on August 8th!

2. International love

In Canada, we can sponsor our same sex sponsors to come live here, but our American neighbours do not have the same rights. After meeting in India, an American / Dutch couple, Becky and Sanne, fell in love, and within two years, they were married and expecting a child. You’d think the choice for where to raise their family would be easy – Sanne says she doesn’t remember a time when LGBTT people didn’t have rights in the Netherlands – but instead, the couple decided to follow their hearts to Becky’s North Carolina home, where they are surrounded by mountains, family and community, but do not have equal rights. So they’re taking their story public and participating in the DOMA Project – which aims to stop the deportation of same sex partners, hoping their activism will keep their family together, and help others along the way. – As reported in the Advocate.

3. Queer spawn love: Kenneth Faried

NBA player Kenneth Faried, of the Denver Nuggets basketball team, (and an increasingly regular feature on these posts) has been spreading his love for his two moms since the start of his career. After recently releasing a video in support of same sex marriage, Faried has now become the first NBA player to join Athlete Ally – a group which aims to fight homophobia in sports. Oh, and he’s also doing pretty well on the court – this kid is all right. – As reported in the Huffington Post.

4. Gay daddy book love

Gay dads Tom Oakley and Tod McMillen adopted their first child in 2004, when there was very little information available about gay  adoption. Now the proud parents of two kids, Oakley has written a book about their adoption experience, called Jesus Has Two Daddies: Two Dads, One Family. One million (more like 2204) moms heads are about to explode. Ahh, the love.

5.  TV-land love

This is really, really important news. Jennifer Lopez’ TV show about a lesbian moms-headed multi-ethnic household is on! The Fosters will air on ABC this summer.  My gosh how could you possibly go on not knowing about this?

queer parentingPhoto: ABC Family

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