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Have you seen our new party blog? The following post was originally published on Today’s Parent:

Bunchland.com ‘s Creative Director Rebecca Brown has a daughter named Rose.  She loves princesses and dolls. Following a trip to the emergency room with a cut finger, she’s also fixated on hospitals. For Rose’s third birthday, her parents wanted to create a memorable experience for Rose and her friends that incorporated all of Rose’s interests. They came up with a concept and a totally doable way to execute their idea. So if you have a princess baby doll lover in your family, this party might work for you, too.

The Big Idea:

Princesses + Baby Dolls + Hospitals = The Princess Rosie Doll Hospital.

The Invitation:

Shopping List: Tiaras,  doctor kits, “pill bottles”,  pill shaped candies, bracelets and stickers, pink reusable shopping bags, bandaids and gauze. These items were all purchased at the dollar store along with recyclable hot pink paper cups, plates and napkins and a pink vinyl tablecloth.

Lucky Finds: Pink sashes emblazoned with the word “princess”, an anatomy chart, scrubs borrowed from a doctor friend.

Guests: Three-year-old girls and their sick dolls. Grandparents, aunts and uncles of the birthday girl.

The Party:

Upon arrival, Rosie’s friends were given a crown and a stethoscope.


A Princess Doctor

An old white card table placed at the entrance to the living room became “triage”. The girls were asked to describe their doll’s symptoms and this was recorded on a chart. Rosie’s aunts, uncles and grandparents were the “hospital staff”.  The girls also decorated hospital bracelets with stickers. Most girls opted to wear the bracelet rather than put it on their doll.

Each girl/doll got a personalized prescription bottle for her doll filled with candy. The sticker was made with a label maker.

Some dolls needed operations. Rosie’s aunt was roped into playing the part of “surgeon.”

Rosie’s Zayda (an MD in real life) dealt with the tough cases.


The birthday girl with her stethoscope, a good friend and cake.

When the girls started to lose interest in the doll hospital, they were invited into the “castle”  i.e. the dining room, to celebrate their doll’s recovery with macaroni and cheese.

Menu: Amy’s Organic Mac and Cheese, steamed broccoli, fresh strawberries and carrots. Milk or juice.

Dessert: The one concession to the Princess Industry was a store bought Disney Princess ice cream cake. Gourmet cupcakes from a local bakery were served as well.

Grown-up Fun: Grown-ups were offered copious amounts of Prosecco.

Lootbags: Each princess was given a reusable pink shopping tote with her tiara, sash, pill bottle and the contents of one dollar store doctor kit to take home.


Set up stations. Ex. Bandages and splints, pharmacy, operations, psychiatry, x-ray.

Keep the timelines short. 20-30 minutes of hospital play is a good amount for 3 year-olds. Then move them quickly over to the eating part of the event.

Little kids are often accompanies by parents. Know what this means? There will be fun people for you to hang out with, too. We are strong advocates for coffee or booze for grown-ups at kiddie parties. It adds a nice adult social component to the goings on.

This party was inspired by the Sick Kids Teddy bear Clinic, which you can learn about by clicking here or here.

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