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In the all-encompassing stratosphere of parenting, it’s often a mom’s world. Now three Aussie dads are making other dads some wiggle room of their own. Pretty Rad for a Dad is a kickstarter campaign with the aim of making a documentary exploring the world of fatherhood in all its diversity. We’re talking single dads, gay dads, immigrant dads, stay-at-home dads — the whole gamut.

Best of all, it won’t be a story about bumbling, unaware dads who can barely change a nappie without bringing down the house. These will be stories about the real dads, the rad ones — the ones who step up to the plate and embrace parenting.

Along with the documentary, these three want to create a hub — an online space to talk about the film, or any other subjects of interest to involved dads everywhere. “There really isn’t anywhere for men to hear other dads’ stories,” explained the project’s creative director Murray Galbraith to Australian newspaper The Age:

“Four months ago, my partner and I lost our second baby through miscarriage, and the kick up the bum to get this project started was when I realized there is absolutely nowhere that I feel comfortable to speak about something as complex and terrifying as losing a child. I didn’t know how to support my wife, I didn’t know where to turn for resources on just getting through the day. Much of parenting advice is heavily geared towards women.”

Sounds like a great project, right? If you’re interested in supporting it, their kickstarter page is here. Share it with a rad dad you know today.

source: The Age

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