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Here in Toronto, we are in the midst of a loooongterm project to upgrade the TTC so that it’s entirely accessible (all 38 non-accessible subway stations are gradually being renovated to include elevators and accessible fare gates by 2025). In Tokyo, it’s a similar situation. In Tokyo, they have Power Rangers.

A 27-year-old guy named Tadahiro Kanemasu decided to help out. For a couple of hours every day, he assists the elderly with their packages and helps moms with strollers navigate the older, inaccessible subway stations.

Wearing a green Power Rangers suit.

He’s been doing daily two-hour shifts at the subway station near his workplace, an organic grocery store. Already he is a folk hero to local children.

Power Ranger Subway Superhero in Tokyo meets up with local kids


It was during shifts at his job at the grocery store that he first began overhearing mothers complain how difficult it was to take strollers on the subway. He is seeking other Power Rangers to join him.

Watch him leap to the assistance of a mother with a baby, a stroller, and a steep set of stairs.

source: Design Taxi, Reuters

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