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I guess I’ve barely skimmed the surface of the madness that will be potty training once our family decides to really go for it. We’ve been in a half-hearted holding pattern for months, all in anticipation of full-time daycare. The time is now.

I’ve broken down and played the Elmo potty training DVD (and it’s really good – if you’re into that sort of thing), I bought the Elmo potty seat to match (don’t judge, oh ye of wooden everything and DIY toilet paper), and I’ve tried every diaper known to man in hopes that one would magically remove itself from his bum when he needs to do the business of being human.

I had not tried fashioning a toilet out of a banana. I had no idea that was part of the program.

If anyone had told me three years ago that I would have to look at something like this I would have laughed in their face. This is a delicious lollipop, by the way:

I guess I just haven’t really come to grips with how important poo and pee are about to become in my life. I thought that since I’ve already had both in my hair, on my face and under my nails I was kind of over it. Wrong.

Apparently it’s time to start baking again. I’m taking cues…

source: Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons, Candy Warehouse, Creative Juice, Bonne Nouvelle, The Culinary Chronicles

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