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This weekend, after spending the morning at High Park in the sweltering heat, I attacked our icebox like a wild animal. I went in blind, not knowing what I was looking for until my fist emerged clasped tightly around a box of frozen yogurt popsicles. They really did hit the spot but I thought, “I could do better.”

icey lovely popsicles close-up


Last year I went crazy looking for popsicle molds to make my own but I couldn’t find them anywhere! It turns out Amazon has an amazing selection but if you want to make some today you can find a decent mold at Ikea, and Canadian Tire has some too.

There are thousand of recipes for popsicles online. Keep in mind that the sky is the limit: you can use yogurt, pudding, fresh fruit or even booze (but NOT for the kids, right?) Do not limit your creative self! Try making stripey ones or gourmet ones or trashy ones. What-evs you wish.

Need a recipe stat? Craftaholics has 33 of ’em (including coffee + French vanilla, oh boy!) and Buzzfeed rounds up 33 more. Do check out The Yum Yum Factor and don’t forget our pals at The Hairpin — they’ve got two killer recipes and expert DIY tips if you’re mold-less!

Honestly, I could lose days on this.

Go! Be young! Be free!

 source: The Hairpin

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