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PlayMaker is changing the way we look at learning

The 21st century has meant a bracing amount of change in technology and education. Smartphones, laptops and tablet computers make the pencils and notebooks of the past seem positively quaint. And with the Internet at kids’ fingertips, information has never been more accessible or easily obtained.

Is it any wonder that the old “Open your textbook to page five” rubric seems a little out of date?

The creators of the PlayMaker School in California think so. GameDesk, a research, outreach and development organization in Santa Monica, has developed a future-friendly educational model for students.   Today, they’ll be introducing 65 sixth graders to a curriculum that’s “designed to prepare kids for 21st century success”.


According to their website, the new model will empower students to “create meaningful relationships with knowledge” through:

  • Playing—interacting and experimenting within challenge-driven and fun scenarios;
  • Making—hands-on building, architecting, desconstructing, rebuilding and tinkering;
  • Discovering & Inquiring—investigating big ideas and creating true meaning;
  • Interest-Driven Designing—encouraging students to pursue learning through their own interests, helping them discover their talents, and finding ways for them to contribute to their communities.

As PlayMaker teacher AJ Webster sums up, modern kids “need to know how to be in charge of their own learning.” We couldn’t agree more. With so many resources and so much information to tap into, self-direction, curiosity and out-of-the-box thinking have never been more important.

Image via GameDesk


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