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What the cool parents are reading today:

1. Would you let your kids call you by your first name rather than Mom or Dad? Marinka’s kids call her Marinka and she’s OK with that.

2. As if our children aren’t monstrous enough! (Kidding, kidding, totally kidding) But really, take a look at the mouth of a child. Teeth!

3. Sixteen types of people (ENTP and so on), but 11 types of playground moms. We think we’re some mix of types 3, 4 and 5 (Coffee-in-hand, cellphone, photo-taking).

4. Speaking of parents at the playground, single parents, here’s how not to pick up other single parents at the park. Spoiler: No one ever sighs over anyone else’s monkey bar abilities.

5. If your kids are into outer space, you should really look into MoonBots:

Yesterday: Jane Lynch tells the Republicans why gay rights and marriage should be a Republican issue, your baby should be taking music classes and you’re probably doing five other things while you read this,  you crazy multi-tasker you!

Photo by macwagen via Flickr

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