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What we’re reading today:

kids dyeing easter eggs

1. New play date trend: signing a waiver. Are people threatening legal action action play dates gone wrong? Can we add sub-clauses re: reasonable, expected childhood injuries like scraped knees from skateboarding?

2. You know how toddlers are so irresistibly cute and you can’t get mad at them but you have no trouble yelling at their older siblings if they’ve misbehaved? Yeah, science shows babies loose their cuteness at 4.5-years-old. If any genius 3-year-olds are reading this, live it up while you can! You can’t rely on your adorableness to get you out of trouble forever.

3. Parents are going to have to shell out a little more money on Easter eggs this year. Europe is low on eggs. Between Norway’s butter shortage and the current egg crisis, it’s like the world is trying to deny Europe rich desserts. Egg production has dropped about 10-15 percent since the EU’s new requirements for bigger, better cages for egg-laying hens. Eh, maybe this is the Western privilege coming out, but raising egg prices and making them slightly less easy to come by doesn’t seem like the worst idea…

4. Slate’s XX Factor blog wonders whether hating on the Toddlers and Tiaras moms is classist. Um, yes, some of them are bad parents, but we’re saying Vogue writer Dara-Lynn Weiss is too. We’re equal opportunity judgers. And it’s not about some of the families being poor, it’s them being poor and yet devoting an insane amount of resources to the pageants while older, less cute siblings don’t get to do anything fun. Mortgaging your house to buy a new pageant dress? Priorities!!

5. Even though some poultry farmers say it’s harmless, you just can’t go dyeing chicks bright colours! But if some of these chicks already exist, can we get them to act out scenes from the Hunger Games? *This* is what people in the Capitol should have looked like. Ooooh Peep diorama inspiration!

Yesterday: Brooklyn moms get upset about ice cream, girls starting puberty earlier and childbirth now takes longer than ever.

Photo by phil41dean via Flickr

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