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Nice day for a picnic, no? 

This month’s issue of The Atlantic features a gorgeous literary and photographic ode to extraordinary picnics.

Riffing on an excerpt from writer James Michener that he’s obviously been fond of for years, journalist Conor Friedersdorf has compiled the prettiest collection of photos from around the world of people feasting outside.


The internet is brimming with stories about picnics. Even though spring seems like she just can’t make up her mind this year, summer truly is right around the corner.

La Châtaigneraie, France:

Meanwhile, in this country …

The Star also has a story about the best picnic spots in the GTA.

Beth Dooley fondly remembers picnicking with her children when they were younger for the StarTribune.

Patricia Chuey shares some killer picnic recipes in The Province.


A quick internet search could lead to hours of distraction. Put the internet DOWN, and go outside.


I cannot wait to pack a basket and head out for adventure with my family. Do it this week.

sources: The Atlantic/ReutersToronto StarThe ProvinceStar Tribune

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