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Krista Rao blogs about crafty adventures with her kids

We love silly pictures in this house! Lately, we have been using photo props to liven up our shots and have a little fun. They are easy as 1-2-3 to make and add to much to your photos.

Step 1
Download and print or create your own desired props. I downloaded a whole bunch of free and adorable props from the Oh Happy Day blog. I printed them in colour on photo paper and was very happy with the result.

Step 2

Cut out your props and attach them with tape to wooden dowels, straws or wooden chop sticks. Basically you can use anything that will be sturdy and long enough to hold up the prop where you would like it.

Step 3
Choose your prop and shoot away!

We had so much fun using these props for Anthonyʼs birthday party. As each person walked in they got a picture taken with their chosen prop. I included their pictures in with the thank you cards… everybody loved them!

Have fun and create some silliness!

Krista Rao is a stay-at-home-mom of two. When she and the kids aren’t on some sort of craft mission, she’s making children’s items from reclaimed materials. Check out more of Krista’s adventures at Green Thimble.

Photos via Krisa Rao

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