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Bib bandanas, hoodie capes; what will they come up with next?

Like our friends over at Tiny Sartorialist, Petit Vogue is powered by forward thinking people who want to spread some proper style-love to the kids. Petit Vogue is a kids’ style sharing community showcasing the latest in trends, international style scouts and designer news.

While “Vogue” may bring to mind killer heels and makeup, the blog is anything but superficial. Editor-in-Chief Ian Wilson believes that making style a part of your kids world will make their life more rich and fun. “It’s another part of how we can infuse our child’s lives with our own positive energy,” he says. “It starts them thinking about “different” as something new and exciting, rather than something alien and fearful.  This manifests in them not being afraid of establishing their own identity, whatever it may be, and a readiness to accept others’ differences.”

Featuring threads from popular independent kids boutiques Little Warrior and Eden’s Bouquet, Petit Vogue embraces the one-of-a-kind fashions of parent designers and Etsy entrepreneurs. In short, clothes with soul.

“Behind most small labels you’re going to find a mom, dad, aunt, or uncle that might previously never picked up a needle in their life, that suddenly got inspired by the kids in their life,” he says. “So you don’t have to “care about fashion” to care about fashion — there’s a whole world full of people just like anyone else who found a dream they didn’t know they had before, and ran with it. Who can honestly say that that isn’t awesome?”

We reckon its pretty nifty. Stop by Petit Vogue and get some ideas to get your kid looking super fly this summer. Or just ogle at cute kids in peacoats.

Photo by paul-phillip via Flickr

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