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Vegan activists invite kids to compare their dogs to dinner

Thanksgiving is a time for saying thanks for good food. But eating your dog for dinner? Not exactly a thought you’d like to consider during grace.

If that feels uncomfortable, PETA’s new billboards cropping up in the Ottawa, Winnipeg and Saskatoon region have achieved their goal. The controversial crew hope to plant in your mind the cringe-inducing similarities between the main course and the animals we care for.

Just in time for happy turkey day!

According to action team coordinator Lauren Stroyeck, children have a “natural compassion for animals,” and the poster will “provoke a conversation between kids and their parents about how to treat animals humanely.” (In other words, don’t show your kid this poster if you’ve got the perfect Thanksgiving roast and side of sausage stuffing all planned out.)

We’re all for kids making their own decision to partake of the turkey or not, but where’s the fine print on this ad that says Thanksgiving kindness also means tolerance and acceptance of others’ choices?

Veg parents, how do you do Thanksgiving?


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