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Krista Rao blogs about crafty adventures with her kids

blowing bubbles with customized wandWith the warm weather right around the corner (ignoring the April snowstorm heading our way) my kids are getting bubble crazy. It seems like each store we go into is filled with every type of bubble toy imaginable.

While blowing the bubbles is great fun, I think my kids really love fighting over the bubble wands the most. You can just hear it now canʼt you: “His wand is bigger than mine!” and “Why does she get the shorter one?” and on and on and on! With these disputes in mind, I thought I would make personalized bubble wands and stop the fighting altogether. With a few inexpensive materials I think I have made some really adorable and super easy bubble wands.

Here is a little step by step picture tutorial I put together:

bubble wand materialsdiy bubble wand step 1

While I made these in the evening to surprise the kids, I think they would be a great project for children of any age. I was thinking about getting Ava to invite a few of her friends over for a bubble wand making party. We had a bubble blowing breakfast, and while there really wasnʼt much eating involved, we ALL really enjoyed blowing bubbles with our customized wands.

Oh, and if you were wondering about my success with my Easter to-do list that I posted a few weeks back… ummmm… let’s just say that many of those projects will be pushed to next Easter. I have big plans people, BIG PLANS!

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Krista Rao is a stay-at-home-mom of two. When she and the kids aren’t on some sort of craft mission, she’s making children’s items from reclaimed materials. Check out more of Krista’s adventures at Green Thimble.

Photos via Krista Rao

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