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They’re 159 calories apiece of chocolatey-marshmallow gooey goodness and if you want one, you’d better go ask the teacher.

While declining to say whether or not this is a counter-intuitive strategy to combat junk-food addiction, the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (or Teachers’ if you’re hip to pension lingo) just announced it has agreed to buy (twist my arm!) Burton’s Biscuits Co., U.K.-based makers of the Wagon Wheel, as reported in the Toronto Star.

Teachers’ Pension Plan gave up their stake in Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment last year, and appear to have a current love-on for the Brits; they also own the Irish Lottery (!) and recently acquired Busy Bees Nursery Group, the largest child care provider in the U.K.

wagon wheels with health benefits


So, to summarize: they’ve gone from professional hockey to private for-profit child care to gambling to junk snacks. The plan is the largest single-profession pension plan in this country.

Here’s to a wholesome and well-deserved retirement snacking on Wagon Wheels. Just don’t eat them all in one sitting, okay?

source: The Toronto Star

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