The Accidental Princess Culture of Anti-Princessery

Does the world need another article about Princess Culture? Yes, it does. Because sometimes I think we forget why we are anti-Princess Culture — or maybe it’s just not the same for all of us. For some, it’s probably the fact that endless pink glittery shit is annoying. It reinforces terrible ideas of what a… Read More »

City Kids and City Trees — Natural Allies

When I was a kid, I climbed up into the great branches of the enormous Silver Maple in our yard. I spent hours in that temple of green. But my downtown backyard has no such tree, so how can I share this experience with my kids? Luckily, our city is full of trees. The view from the CN Tower is a… Read More »

More Than Twinkle, Twinkle

The Bunch Guide to Little Kids + Music Lessons from new contributor Dana Baitz. I didn’t put my son in music lessons so that he could become a great musician — I’m a musician myself, so I know there are more important things. But I’ve discovered that helping with practicing can be a great way to interact meaningfully with your kid. Their… Read More »

Earth Day — Spring Into Action!

The signs are unmistakable: robins singing and green shoots poking out of the garden. Spring is finally here. And Earth Day is just around the corner, which is what got me started on this adventure. Last April I was teaching my five-year old how to plant seeds and writing my first Wild City post. Starting Wild City was our family’s Earth… Read More »

On Guilt

Just a few weeks ago a new study confirmed that the benefits of breastfeeding have been overstated. After reviewing decades of research, the researchers say that previous claims to better outcomes and other advantages of breastfeeding over bottle-feeding are not true. Studies up until now, they say, have failed to capture other contextual factors leading… Read More »

Snails, Leaning In

What conjures up beauty the way that seeing the world the way you did as a child, even for a moment, does? It’s the magical experience that taking care of children — or spending just a few hours or minutes in their world — can bring you. It’s why we gasp in pleasure and delight… Read More »

Bunch Guide to (Avoiding) Passover Constipation

We hemmed and hawed about whether to put this delicately, but nothing makes you straight-up about bodily processes like parenting. Bunch would like to draw your attention to these historical photos to support up our claim that Passover is particularly rough on the delicate constitutions of wee ones. See this charming Minneapolis seder from 1917? Look… Read More »

Got Diapers? — Support The Diaper Bank

Dale McIntosh says she was ‘just’ a mom who’d had her first baby, still in the fog of early parenthood. It was in the wee hours that she heard an interview with a Peel Children’s Aid Society worker about diaper need — when a parent is forced to cut down on basic necessities, such as food,… Read More »