Your Guide to Earth Hour 2014

Turn out the lights, un-plug the fridge and get your darkness on darlings, because tomorrow is Earth Hour 2014, a time to reflect about the environment, and have some fun in the dark. (Which, if you’re a Bunch-reader most likely means G-rated fun in the dark, but what have you.) Kids are usually huge fans… Read More »

Mixed Signals

I’ve been thinking a lot about how we see our kids, and how the rest of the world sees our kids. And mostly how we see our kids as we envision them growing up, becoming adults, and living lives of their own. I think about this in a very nebulous, general sense. And then I… Read More »

My Little Pony: Friendship is Meh

Here’s something you might not know (unless you, like me, have, uh, Wikipedia): the original My Little Pony was called My Pretty Pony. It was created for Romper Room in the same year I was born. A couple years later its creator wound up working for Hasbro and reinventing the toy into My Little Pony.… Read More »

Use Your Brain At The Action Potential Lab

There’s a new a space in town which aims to bring your inner science nerd and art geek together. The Action Potential Lab - Toronto’s first art and science lab - celebrated their grand opening this weekend with a bash that included a kid-focussed DJ-spin table, a chance to microscope anything-you-can-think-of onto a projector, crayon melting and magnetic… Read More »

Reasons My Daughter is Crying

Apparently there’s a popular Tumblr site called Reasons My Son is Crying. I’m a bit late to the game on this one given that the book is already out, though as Bunch has already pointed out, the guy’s kid is probably crying because he looks like Ferris Bueller. Perhaps I was drawn to the site… Read More »

Toon Books: Building Your Basic Comic Nerd

Most of what we give our children says far more about our taste than their actual heart’s desire. My son keeps mentioning something about a purple dinosaur who sings; I feign ignorance. Our viewing habits, previously limited to railfan videos, have expanded to include Thomas and Bob and Pingu — but our house is still a Barney-free zone. And yes,… Read More »

The Motherfunk

THE MOTHERFUNK: Thursdays 11 AM (March 20 – April 24) Drop-in $15 / 6-week session $75 at Swansea Town Hall, Toronto I was pretty active during my last pregnancy, even though I didn’t work out, as I’d intended to. I had fallen out of the habit, and my doctor convinced me this wasn’t the time to take… Read More »

Be Kind to Curly-Headed Girls

Tara-Michelle Ziniuk is reminded of being a little girl with wild hair. I was a 30-year-old woman before I owned a hair dryer of my own. Until that time, I would borrow someone’s hair dryer once a year to put plastic up on my windows. I never thought to use one on my hair, except… Read More »