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Costume swaps are green and fun, and Bunch is doing one on October 9

Wil Wheaton in a Darth Vader costume

At Bunchland, we don’t believe in throwing something away when it could be loved and enjoyed by someone else. And this goes for Halloween costumes. Junking your kid’s old DJ Lance costume just because he grew out of it doesn’t make sense. Maybe there’s a kid on your block who it would fit just right.

And that’s why we’re totally behind National Costume Swap Day. On October 9, communities all over the place will be holding their own swaps (you can search for one happening in your city here). The idea is that families come to a designated location bringing their used costumes and trade them in for someone else’s used costume. It’s a fun way to score a free costume and maybe some new friends.¬† Even better, it’s totally green, as buying a brand-spanking new costume means more waste, more plastic packaging, more overflowing landfills. According to the folks behind Swap Day, if half of the world’s Halloween costumes were swapped, it would reduce landfill waste by a weight equal to 2,500 cars!

Join us on October 9!

Bunchland is gonna celebrate National Costume Swap Day by hosting our own swap! For a few hours, we’re taking over a coffeehouse and inviting kids and parents in and around Toronto to bring their used costumes, pick through piles of stuff and hopefully leave with a new/old costume for this Halloween. So dust of that Darth Vader suit or that plastic princess crown sitting at the back of your closet and bring it down.

The event will take place Saturday, October 9 from 4 to 7 p.m. at our favourite coffee shop/locavorium  The Hub (1028 Shaw Street, at Dupont), just around the corner from Bunchland HQ. Come out and enjoy some coffee and treats. You can RSVP on the Facebook event.

If you live nowhere near Toronto but still want to do this, check out this sweet costume swap how-to.

Photo by WilWheaton via Flickr.

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