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What the cool parents are reading today:

1. After JC Penney hired Ellen DeGeneres as their spokesperson, the bigots at One Million Moms threw a fit and said they were boycotting the family store. JC Penney not only stuck to their guns about Ellen, but also chose to feature lesbian moms in their spring catalogue. The Moms called for another boycott. Joke’s on the One Million Moms! People are loving JC Penney.

2. New moms and teenage boys: they’re both dealing with a lot changes and hormones. One new mom finds the person she relates to most is a 14-year-old cousin.

3. For some women, this will be their last Mother’s Day. How do you even start preparing your kids for that?

4. You said you loved your Mother’s Day gift, but were you faking it? A new poll says 42 percent of moms only say they like their present. Although, as the article points out, take this poll with a grain of salt as it was commissioned by a mall that wants you to buy its gift cards.

5. We pity the fool who don’t treat their mother right

Yesterday: All marriage equality, all the time. 

Photo by kumasawa via Flickr

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