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Watch Olivia Wise sing Katy Perry’s ‘Roar.’

The 16-year-old was bravely facing the end stages of brain cancer when she recorded the song, and her cover turns ‘Roar’ into an bittersweet, empowerment anthem:

Before she got sick, Olivia loved to sing for her friends at school, putting on shows in front of her locker.

This September with the help of her cousin, Jeff Kassel, Olivia entered a recording studio for the first time.

Olivia wanted to record her voice so that her family and friends could be comforted when she was gone. She had been diagnosed with brain cancer in January, 2012, and knew the end was near. She sang with grace and dignity, though Kassel says she had just started using a wheelchair, had lost the use of one of her hands, and was having problems with her breathing when she recorded the song.

Kassel told CHFI, “To me (‘Roar’) was just a light pop song. … Maybe I didn’t understand it until she sang it.”

Neither did we.

A fund has been created in Olivia’s name to support brain cancer research. You can donate to the Liv Wise Fund, which has already raised over $50,000. Olivia is at home now, coming in and out of consciousness, but she was able to take in Perry’s message to her:

sources: CHFICNN

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