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What we’re reading today:


1. A future stay-at-home-dad asks Cary Tennis how he might learn to not look to his income as a measure of his self worth. Tennis says, “What does your heart say? Does your heart say this is the right thing? Then that is where your self-worth must come from. And, frankly, there will be times when that’s where it has to come from because people aren’t going to be walking up to you night and day telling you what a swell guy you are.”

2. So minor hockey’s started up again (for all the non-diehard families who haven’t been playing all summer anyway) and it’s only natural that with all the Sidney Crosby concussion talk that parents are concerned about hitting. Starting at age 11, they’re allowed to bodycheck.

3. A mom who used to bring in six figures lost her job and learned the art of dumpster diving. Yesterday she wrote about losing the family car.

4. “Dear Super Mom, I can’t stand you or your fancy, homemade cupcakes.”

5. So, this made our morning, especially the very last bit: Young Sophia Grace, in princess costume, accompanied by sister Rosie, raps Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass”

Photo by snarkygurl via Flickr

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