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What we’re reading on the blogs today:

As always, BoingBoing has found us something we want: monster footprint snow shoes. Slow Mo Mama simply drew monster-y footprints on some study cardboard, cut them out and laced string through four holes in the footprint shape to tie it to a boot. Via BoingBoing.

Facebook friend Amanda tipped us off to this Salon essay titled, “Regrets of a stay-at-home-mom.” Borrowing from Jane Austen’s famous phrase, she writes, “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman in possession of two teenagers must be in want of a steady paycheck and employer-sponsored health insurance.” Working moms, what do  you think?

Catherine Connors aka her bad mother has a lovely rebuttal to the whole Tiger mom = better mom debate. Her mother supported her love of ballet, despite the fact that Connors wasn’t exactly the most graceful of ballerinas, apparently. Catherine’s turned out pretty darn good we think.

The Huffinton Post also has some rebuttals to the Chinese mother thing: One from Amy Mah and another from Patty Chang Anker. Are you an Asian mom who’s been asked to comment on the Amy Chua essay in the WSJ?

And with the one year anniversary of the disastrous earthquake in Haiti, we thought we’d revisit Kristen Howerton of Rage Against The Minivan’s adoption story. (We dare you not to cry)

Photo by orchidgalore via Flickr

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