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What we’re reading on the blogs today:

Amy Poehler is awesome. We’re so glad Parks and Recreation is back soon. (Finally!) Check out the L.A. Times Magazine‘s interview with this hilarious mom. A sample: “When you’re doing sketch comedy and you’re pregnant, it’s like wearing a giant sombrero in every sketch.” And we’ll definitely be watching her web series Smart Girls at the Party later today.

Speaking of pregnancy and hilarity, remember Pregnant Chicken? She found all those excellent awkward pregnancy photos. Now she’s gone and made a list of some truly excellent comebacks to  inappropriate comments that people made during her pregnancy . E.g.”You’re huge!”I don’t know why either, all I consume these days is cocaine and Diet Sprite. Weird, eh?”

Flavorwire‘s taking a stab at the playlist of everyone’s favourite boy wizard. (Or maybe everyone’s favourite boy wizard’s best friend?) The Harry Potter edition of their literary mixtape features “sad teenager music” and some hero jams to pump him up. We agree, “Harry is a Ben Folds fan if we’ve ever seen one.”

Lots of schools have zero tolerance policies in terms of drugs and violence, but when one New England school instituted a no physical contact at any time policy, one high school senior thought it was a bit much. No hugs, no arms over shoulders, et cetera. The student, who agrees that kissing couples in the hallway take up too much room, wrote that she was “insulted by the presumption that I am too immature to decide which kind of touches are appropriate for school.” And she’s started a petition.

Last but certainly not least, free alphabet poster! Isn’t this pretty? This photograph of felted letters can be yours if you simply go here and print from the photobucket page. Thanks, My Poppet via babyccino

Photo by watchwithkristin via Flickr

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