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What we’re reading today:


1. Everyone’s heard of Brooklyn, N.Y., performance artist Marni Kotak’s human life is the greatest work of art thing, right?

2. Speaking of pregnant ladies, a pregnant woman completed the Chicago Marathon and then gave birth a couple hours after. So you know, if your baby’s running a few days/weeks late, just run/walk a marathon. (Kidding, this woman trained and had her doctor’s permission)

3. The fertility class divide: “The rates of unplanned pregnancies and births among poor women now dwarf the fertility rates of wealthier women, and finds that the gap between the two groups has widened significantly over the past five years.”

4. “There is a very strong relationship between age and the types of fears that people report in many different cultures.”

5. Vintage Lego commercial! Why would “This Old Man” be a good match for a building system?

Photo by MacDawg via Flickr

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