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What we’re reading today:

1. A new collector Barbie has pink hair and a sweet chest plate of a tattoo. Is this inappropriate for kids, or is it merely reflective of the women a young kid might come across? We can think of quite a few awesome moms and dads with a whole lot of ink. Mary Elizabeth Williams made a good point in saying that while this doll isn’t specifically meant for little kids, it’s ‘s not a bad way to promote the idea that blond and All-American isn’t the be-all and end-all of beauty.

2. Adoption: Giving a child up, or placing a child with a family that can care for it better than you? Prudie FTW.

3. Shy kid? Relax, it’s not a social phobia.

4. We linked to some sort of discussion earlier this week, but that babies and screen time conversation just doesn’t go away.

5. Kids launch attack on school… kinda. They attacked boxes stacked outside the school, but still.

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